We love to worship through music. Worship  is a gift  to show our Lord how much we love and honor Him.  Worship can shift the atmosphere as it invites the presence of the Holy Spirit.  At Good News you can expect to hear everything from hymns to the most recent contemporary music you hear on the radio and even some original music.  



Churches today depend on technology to communicate the truth of God’s Word both live and online. Our Technical Ministry team is crucial in making that happen!  Whether you are an expert in audio mixing or have never touched a camera in your life – you can join the team!


The emerging Production team is not “one-size fits all.” There are some very unique and specific skill sets required in some areas. But we are committed to working with you to explore your potential roles within the team and to helping you find a good fit (even if it’s in a different ministry). We are also committed to training you further in your skill sets and letting you spread your wings into new areas of service.


In order for this to work, we all need to function as a professional, cohesive team. What does that mean? It means we pray for one another. We honor our commitments and show up on time.  We work to keep our hearts focused and our behavior above reproach in every aspect of our lives. We ask for help when we need it. We don’t tear down other team members or the church body. We lift one another up when we see they need a hand. Most importantly, we keep our eyes on Christ and we give our best to Him each and every day.